Dental Sedation

MK Dental Spa provides a dental sedation service for nervous and phobic patients. This service is available to existing and new patients and for patients of other practices on referral from their doctor or dentist.

Many patients have deep-seated anxieties regarding dental treatment. These anxieties may relate to childhood treatment or an incident in later life, but regardless of the cause it can be sufficient to stop patients from having routine dental care. This in turn leads to greater anxiety, often caused by discomfort with broken teeth and unhappiness due to unsatisfactory appearance.

For the last 15 years, I have been treating patients who experience varying degrees of dental phobia. Each patient is different, and the approach to their treatment should be tailored to individual needs.

I always try to get to the real cause of a patient's dental phobia and then find the most suitable path to help them through their treatment.

Some patients require no more than gentle reassurance, whereas others need relaxation in the form of sedation. Regardless of your individual requirements, you will always be treated sympathetically and not patronisingly.

What Is Sedation?

Sedation in dentistry is formally known as conscious sedation and should not be confused with a general anaesthetic.

There are several forms of sedation such as;

• Relative analgesia (happy gas)

• Oral sedation (tablet form)

• Intravenous sedation

The type of sedation method used depends upon the patient's level of anxiety, the procedures proposed and the length of the appointment.

At MK Dental Spa we mainly used intravenous sedation due to the predictability and effectiveness of the technique.