A Day in the life of a Dental Receptionist

Meet Amy Haley
Our Dental Receptionist

Hi everyone i'm Amy and I have now worked at MK Dental Spa for 2 years, the main reason I applied for this job was because I fancied a change in career and thought working in a Dental Practice and supporting patients through their journey would be something I really enjoyed. 

2 years later I am still here and I absolutely love it, I enjoy speaking to patients especially the ones I have now built up a good relationship with! I love my team, the dentists, specialists & all the nurses are all so lovely. 

My day to day errands normally consist of booking patients appointments, supporting them with their worries or concerns, and ensuring we remain compliant from the clinical side including consent and all regulations. 

My manager Faye, has recently enrolled me on to the dental nursing course which I think is such a great opportunity for me, it is just another one of the pro's working for MK Dental Spa. I am looking forward to starting my training in surgery and getting hands on with it, I think I will really enjoy this and it will be my long term career. 

This blog post was created by Amy Haley.