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MK Dental Spa increases treatment capacity

As part of the surgery expansion programme, MK Dental Spa has just added further treatment suites, a dedicated hygienist suite, a sterilisation room (to comply with current legislation) and additional facilities, enabling it to offer more advanced procedures and increase the number of patients it can treat at the Tilers Road, Kiln Farm practice.

As part of an overall £450,000 surgery expansion programme, the new treatment suites have been fitted out to the highest specification with the latest dental equipment.  The practice already boasts one of the most sophisticated dental microscopes, enabling the practice to deliver intricate and advanced treatments, but key additions include an Orthopantomograph digital panoramic X-ray unit that captures images of the entire jaw in a single operation.

“In less than a year we’d already outgrown our original Kiln Farm facilities so had to bring forward our expansion programme to ensure we continue to meet the ever growing needs of our patients,” explained Steve Cooley the Practice Principal.  “It is important that patients are offered the latest procedures and feel comfortable about the treatments they receive – which means constantly investing in both equipment and people.”

Steve continued; “Many patients are anxious about dental care, so we do everything possible to pacify any fears and phobias and deliver a high level of care.  A significant percentage of our patients are referred to us for specialist treatment by dentists, both locally and further afield.  In this way, we can work with the referring dentists to deliver optimal care for their patients.

In addition to the intricate procedures provided by MK Dental Spa, professional teeth whitening is another of its popular treatments.  Impressions are made of the upper and lower sets of teeth, creating a type of gum shield and patients then administer a small amount of whitening gel to the surface of their teeth and cover them overnight with the gum shield. The ‘home’ element of the procedure is done under close dental supervision, over a couple of weeks and can be repeated, if necessary.

Specialist treatments that can be delivered using the latest techniques and facilities include implants, prosthodontistry, oral surgery, periodontology and sedation.  The practice holds regular dental phobia sessions, so even nervous patients can receive appropriate treatment. It also hosts regular informative study events for other dentists in the area to enable them to learn about the latest developments and treatments in key areas of dental care.

Call Lisa on 0845 521 4242 for more information on treatments available.

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